Hear them as they've never been heard before.
The ultimate sonic upgrade for music lovers and audiophiles.

Columbia Records and Legacy Recordings are proud to present 15 classic Bob
Dylan albums remastered for the very first time and released on Hybrid
SACD format - which play on all standard CD players as well as SACD
players*. Additionally, 6 of the releases contain a 5.1 surround mix. Each
album is re-released in collectible digipaks that replicate the
original LP artwork, and some booklets contain bonus photos. All remastered editions
arrive in record stores beginning Tuesday September 16th.

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Additionally, a limited edition box set containing each of the 15 Hybrid
SACD releases is now available. The sturdy box is decorated with
photographs of the original master tapes, including Bob Dylan's Columbia Records audition.

Order the limited edition box set and receive a Bob Dylan poster
free with purchase.
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Selected from the entire span of Bob Dylan's recording career, from "The
Freewheelin' Bob Dylan" to "Love and Theft", the fifteen Bob Dylan albums
in stores on September 16, 2003, have attracted music lovers around
the world.

The Bob Dylan Remasters were produced by some of the world's most talented
audio engineers, backed up by painstaking research into the best available
master recordings. You could never improve the music, of course, but wait
until you hear the sound. Finally, digital technology has caught up with
the dynamic performances captured on the original master tapes. Bob
Dylan's albums have never sounded better.

Visit bobdylan.com/remasters to learn more about these exciting
new releases.

Copyright 2003, Sony Music Entertainment Inc.