Bob Dylan has contributed a newly composed and recorded song, "'Cross The Green Mountain", to the highly anticipated Civil War epic "Gods and Generals", which will open in theaters nationwide on February 21. Music plays a powerful role in the film -- in addition to the score by composers Randy Edelman and Jon Frizzell, with solos by Grammy-winning fiddler Mark O'Connor, the soundtrack also features an original song, "Going Home", by Mary Fahl, Sony Classical recording artist (and formerly lead vocalist of the band October Project). Directed by Ron Maxwell ("Gettsyburg"), "Gods and Generals" is based on the best-selling book recounting the dramatic early years of the Civil War -- from Manassas to the Battle of Fredericksburg.

The "Gods and Generals" soundtrack will be in stores nationwide on February 4. Initial shipments will include a limited edition DVD with a video of Bob Dylan performing "'Cross The Green Mountain," a Mary Fahl music video, and several scenes not included in the final print of the film.

Starting today, January 17, AOL members will be able to hear "'Cross The Green Mountain" at keyword FIRST LISTEN. On January 18, you'll be able to hear the song by visiting Netscape (, Compuserve, or AIM.

You can pre-order the soundtrack now, with the limited edition DVD, from Click here to order now.

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